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Whether you are starting an oil analysis program or improving an existing program, we will help you personalise a series of analysis methods that will maximize the benefit of your predictive/preventive oil analysis service.

We provide professional, experience-based and insightful services in our oil testing lab to all of our customers regardless of sample volume or test requirements including:

  • Used Lubricant Analysis
  • Wear particle Analysis
  • Grease Analysis
  • Ferrography

Oil Analysis




There is no single oil analysis technology that can provide all the answers, there are many & all have their Pros & Cons. In many cases, the greatest power & benefits come from combining two or more of the technologies.

The aim should always be to provide the customer with a Cost effective, balanced & powerful "Condition Monitoring Program" designed to help with there specific maintenance and planning needs and assist in reducing there unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.




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