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Storage and Handling
An effective proactive maintenance program mandates effective storage and handling of lubricants to improve machine reliability. Protecting your lubricants and ultimately your equipment from the harmful effects of contamination and lubricant degradation begins with proper storage, handling, and identification of lubricants. These products provide a safe, easy method of transporting, handling, and dispensing lubricants in a wide variety of applications. These products also incorporate a color-coding system to ensure the correct lubricant is used in the right piece of equipment and in the proper location.

  • Filtration & Contamination Control
    Keeping lubricants clean and dry can greatly extend their useful life and maximize lubricating performance. Setting proper targets and limits will assist in defining how clean and how dry they should be to meet the equipment specific requirements. The challenge then becomes a matter of achieving these levels as cost effectively as possible. 
  • Oil Sampling
    The process of oil sampling is a vital and necessary function in indentifying contaminants and contaminant levels, but also in understanding the current and future requirements of the equipment and the quality of the lubricant in general. Regularly scheduled oil sampling and analysis programs have become an increasingly important tool for uncovering information necessary to extend the life of your equipment and oil change intervals. Oil sampling technology today is making the process of collecting and analyzing samples much more effective and accurate. We offers the latest sampling supplies and accessories, including sample ports and collection devices, which are designed to extract system and component specific samples that are both representative and repeatable.
  • Grease Lubrication
    Typically, grease is used when oil cannot adequately stay in place due to design considerations of the equipment. Grease may also be used when it is desirable to seal out contaminants, prevent lubricant squeeze out, and to resist high temperatures. There are several methods of applying grease to the point of lubrication. The most common forms are manual and automatic grease dispensers. Trico offers a variety of grease lubrication products to meet your specific needs.
  • Visual Inspection
    Monitoring proper levels and the condition of lubricants in service is essential in many industrial applications. Although important, these elements are often overlooked and cause detrimental affects to the life of the lubricant as well as the equipment it supplies. Trico offers products such as sump bottles, viewports, and liquid level gauges, which provide an easy and accurate method for visually inspecting lubricants in service. By taking a proactive approach and installing visual inspection products, the life of our industrial equipment can be significantly prolonged.
  • Central Lubrication
    Central lubrication systems are used throughout industry where reliable oil lubrication is required. They provide a precise supply of lubricant to each lubrication point from a central reservoir for optimum machinery performance.
  • Lubrication Dispensing Equipment
    A range of lubrication dispensing equipment which includes;
    Hand Pumps
    Pneumatic Dispensing Equipment
    Refueling Equipment
    Greasing Equipment
    Workshop Equipment





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